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Are all your pets current on vaccines?  Yes No

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Do you own your own home?  Yes No

If you rent, can you provide a letter from your landlord saying dogs are allowed at the residence?  Yes No

Are you willing to have a New Life representative visit your home?  Yes No

Does your home have a doggie door?  Yes No

Is your yard fenced?  Yes No

Do you have a pool?  Yes No

How many hours per day would your dog be left unattended?

Will your dog be an inside or outside dog or both?  Inside Outside Both

If you move what would you do with the dog?

Are you willing to seek help if you have problems with the dog?  Yes No

How much are you willing to spend on vet bills per year for the dog?

Have you ever had to relinquish a animal? ( take it to the pound, give it to family or friends).  Yes No

What is your plan for the care of the dog if something should happen to you? ( death, divorce, job loss, home loss, ect.)

Are you willing to give the dog time to adjust to your household?  Yes No

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